Claflin House - Stevens Point
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Claflin House is priced with a unique philosophy in mind. The entire house is always yours and yours alone. based on an honor system philosophy, you are charged by the number of bedrooms you use, not by the number of people - not to exceed 10.

  • Claflin House has a two bedroom, two night minimum - $250 per night for two bedrooms with a $50 cleaning fee, totaling $550 plus 16.5% taxes and fees.

  • Additional bedrooms are $125 per night with a $25 cleaning fee per room plus 16.5 % taxes and fees.

  • Use of the Den sofa bed is $50 per night with $25 cleaning fee plus 16.5 % taxes and fees.

  • bookings are available approximately 9 months in advance

  • Special arrangements (ie: One night stays during the week) will be considered upon request.

cancellation policy

  • For a full refund of booking fees (the total nightly rate you are being charged), cancellations must be made 7 (seven) full days prior to your booking check-in time. For example, if your check-in is on Friday, you need to cancel by your check-in time on the previous friday for a full refund. A booking is officially canceled when you click the cancellation button in your booking request confirmation email.

  • If you cancel less than 7 (seven) days in advance, your first night booking fee is non-refundable. The remaining booking fees will be refunded at 50%.

  • If you arrive and decide to leave early, the first night following your departure is non-refundable. the booking fees for the remaining nights not spent in the house are refunded at 25%.

  • Cleaning fees are always refunded if the booking is canceled before check-in. Cleaning fees are non-refundable after the first night under all circumstances.

  • Cancellations may have extenuating circumstances and can be reviewed upon requests with the general outcome being a reference to this policy.